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The Boardroom Show is a Showcase for the Surfboard Manufacturing Industry. Surfboard trade show in Del Mar, Santa Cruz. Surfboards for sale. surf hard goods show.
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The Boardroom International Surfboard Show

Celebrating its tenth year, its sixteenth iteration, the Boardroom (formerly Sacred Craft) highlights the surfboard manufacturing industry. A gathering of like minded enthusiasts who are drawn by an authentic love for riding waves and the crafts that move us along those waves.
If that’s too flowery for ya try this on for size; It’s a shred show: top shapers, top boards, top manufacturing processes. Cutting edge stuff. Hard goods are featured and hard core surfers show up and geek out. Everything and anything that rides waves, or helps us to ride waves i.e. fins, wetsuits, wax, grip, skateboards, training devices, board-shorts, and accessories are on display.


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Listen to a comprehensive audio overview of todays surfing conditions in San Diego County including buoy conditions and swell models.

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Boardroom Show Gallery
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Our Instagram feed gallery, check out our photos from craftsmen, shapers, legends, surf celebs, and random grabs.
Down The Line Pod Cast
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What our production quality lacks we attempt to make up for with honest, sincere surf talk. Two friends on a verbal stroll through the week in surf. Bavardage on caffeine. It is our aim to provide information, insight and entertainment; and to present surfing in a sincere, honest, good-natured light. We are not perfect, but we aim for progress. We hope you like our banter.
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Including surf porn, craftsmen instruction, shaping insight, legends, surf celebs, and random grabs from the social media maelstrom.
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Breaking info, blogs, surf forecasting insight, marketing bs, press releases, random stuff we find interesting and occasional product placement masquerading as news. Why say blah when blah, blah, blah takes up more space?
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